Nations Community Restoration Inc.

Nations Community Restoration Inc.

"Restoring the hurting People"

A message from our President...

It is a blessing to have you, not only as a visitor, but more as a potential partner in our mission field of "RESTORING THE HURTING PEOPLE".
     It's been a long journey. The dedicated members of Nations Community Restoration, Inc. have put this web site together to give you a clear idea of what our vision, mission, and operations are.
   Nations Community Restoration, Inc. is an officially known 501-C-3 nonprofit organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service, the District of Columbia, and the State of Georgia, with bona fide track records of social and humanitarian works.  Our mission is to uplift the standard of life of the helpless families. Our beneficiaries are victims of domestic violence, homelessness, unemployment and calamities.  We do assist refugees rebuild a fulfilled life, in the United States and abroad. Our goal is to help reduce hunger and homelessness, and build healthy lives within families and communities
   We strongly believe in the total man, soul, spirit, mind and body. We believe that we all have the mission to heal the brokenhearted all around the world.
   We the members of NCR, INC are conscious that a change can occur efficiently, one individual at a time, so that we all can build a strong and fulfilled society, one family at a time. I am pleading with you to join our crusade. Your partnership will surely make a great difference, no matter what you bring; time, energy, money, anything that can help heal a hurting person.
Thank you again for your time!


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