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                      Rev. Jean-Marie Sumo served two Diplomatic Missions in Cameroon, the  British Embassy and the                                   Consulate of the United States of America.  He also developed a caring ministry in hospitals and prisons.                         After the closing down of the Douala US Consulate in 1993, Rev. Sumo took his wife and moved to                                     Washington D.C.
                     Elizabeth joined her husband in the service of the Community, feeding the hungry and sick people at                                 Public Hospitals.  They fostered 14 children taken from desperate single mothers, for over three years,                               before they left their country to settle in Washington D.C.
   Very quickly, the Sumo couple developed a well known Free Food Distribution and Homeless Restoration Program.  They served the homeless and low income families on Georgia Avenue Washington DC for 8 years.  They were members of the Capital Area Food Bank Advisory Panel until they moved to Dale City Christian Church in Virginia.
   February 2002, They went to serve as Assistant Administrator, and Chief Financial Officer with Dale City Christian Church and Academy, Woodbridge, VA, for 6 years.
   They relocated to Atlanta in July 2009 to establish their International office and operations.  They launched the Feeding the Homeless Program in downtown Atlanta, in partnership with Safehouse Outreach, Inc.  They are not only missionaries, but also service the needy community.
   Rev. Sumo and his wife's lives are great experience and testimonies that would edify anybody who is seeking some encouragement in the challenging world we live in today. He is the author of Divine Healing Power - Today's Greatest Hope (see the store).

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